دل به دل راه داره

I search your name my beloved,

In hopes to see your children smiling

And your body untouched

In hopes to see your mountain people

Your culture and your heritage

In hopes to see you laughing

My beloved

I search your name high and low

In hopes to see your eyes bright

And your heart expanded

So do not eat your sorrow my beloved

Shout it and scream it

Let the world know

That you are hurting.

I search your name within my heart

And find it only growing.

You look damaged my beloved

But I love you all the same

I would kiss the floor had you walked on it

Forever wishing I could do something


To help you

my beloved

I remember your life

Through pictures and paintings

Through the garments you behold

Through the artefacts you made

Through the hidden life you mould,

Oh you who do not speak

Let your eyes tell the stories

Let your lips not tremble

Let your soul live on

and your heart be gentle.

I believe in you.

I ran away from you my beloved

But I will return soon

I miss your warmth and the smell you give

The lakes and rivers where upon you live

To the noor in the sky

Both aftab and maah

I love you endlessly

I listen to the rabab at night

And lay still in remembrance

Often times not sleeping

Because dil ba dil ra dara

دل به دل راه داره

there is telepathy between hearts

  • Afghan Proverb




I sat at my computer desk scrolling through my social media platforms… when a post titled #KickOutAfghans caught my eye – Immediately I took to reading it and found that Twitter had trended this hashtag worldwide. Upon searching it for myself, I was horrified to find that Pakistani’s had been taking their views to Twitter saying ‘Afghans are ungrateful’ for what Pakistan has done for us. This deeply unsettled me and others; because not only are Pakistani’s judging and ostracizing us within Afghanistan – but also doing it outside of Asia – this just made it clear that Pakistani propaganda isn’t only limited to Pakistani’s in Asia but also Pakistani’s abroad.

The hostile relation held 71% negative tweets according to Twitter Statistics – and spread much hate and prejudices against Afghan refugee’s but mostly to Afghans in general. This ultimately demonstrates how much racism and hatred some Pakistani’s hold for Afghans – so not only do they show their hatred through bombing and killing Afghans in physicality but also through verbal harassment and online acts. Not to mention to the distancing and prejudices of Pakistani’s towards Pushtuns who legally live on their own land. Why should we be “grateful” for that? 

People who were ignorant enough to post negatively on #KickOutAfghans needed a history lesson – which I will bring for you. Obviously, Pakistani history is only recent 1947 – before that there was no Pakistan. Perhaps they must’ve thought that there was a blank and empty vessel of a country waiting for inhabitants – sorry to break it to you – but that land your living on…. Is Afghan. And those Afghans you want to send back? are legal. And those Pushtuns you are prejudice against? i tell you to remember your place. Pakistan has done nothing but ruin Afghanistan yet they have the audacity to ask us to be “thankful” to them – la halwa wa la quwwata illah billah.

I’d like to point out 4 things – first one being – History.

Before Pakistan came into being, Afghanistan was becoming part of the most modern countries – We had universities and institutions, our buildings were high and we had lots of knowledge and history. After Pakistan funded and aided Mujahideen fighters – things began to collapse. Pakistan and Pakistan’s creator [a lot similar to Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster] both trained and supplied weapons to whats now known as the Taliban – if Pakistan had been a real Islamic neighbor – they would not have desired to destabilize a fellow Muslim country. So, back to the point – Afghanistan was cut into two by the British after they deceivingly made Abdul Rahman Khan sign documents in a language he was not fluent in.

together ]

On the left you can see how Afghanistan owned the land of whats now known as Pakistan and on the right you will notice how the Durrand Line had taken this away. Not only were there indigenous Afghans still living on that land, but there were also Indigenous Pushtun Tribes that traveled across the border who are now cut off from both sides and become a literal inhabitants of no-mans land. The boarder control makes it extremely difficult for Pushtun and Nomad tribes to pass by and graze their sheep which they had done long before the Durrand Line existed. Many Pushtuns can’t access land that they owned on both sides of the line – those who have become separated due to the line have assimilated and are denied their identity by Pakistani govt. and are denied education and are treated horribly. Are we supposed to be grateful for the mistreatment of Afghans? 

together 2

Notice the ethnic groups in Pakistan belong to different areas, we had never crossed the boarder… the boarder crossed us. Compare these images of ethnicity to those of the map posted before. Can you see how they coincide?

My second point that I wanted to talk about is – Money.

We all know Pakistan will do anything for some money money money, even if it means killing Afghans one time then homing them the next. So, scrolling through the twitter hashtag #KickOutAfghans I came across MULTIPLE posts about ‘we home them, we shelter them’ blah blah blah which honestly makes me cringe. Pakistan sees itself as a humble and pious country that takes in refugees and is so so full of humanity – however, Pakistan does not home Afghan refugees because of humanity but because America pays them to do so because of their undeniable inclusion with the destruction of our state.

As well as this form of Aid, known as MRA – migrant and refugee assistant. Which I highly doubt actually gets used for this cause.. Pakistan also benefitted from the War on Terror after they fought off soviets through Islamic mujahideen’s.

“Co-operation” yah. They had been a part of the “war on terror” as they I putted directly into funding and training mujahideen and to this day they home and train the Taliban. We are not thankful for your input into the destruction of our home.

My third point was about thecreation of the refugees.

Pakistan ISI and America teamed up to create Operation Cyclone – as such the Taliban was created. What seems shocking is that Pakistani’s will call Afghans Terrorists when in fact the real terrorists were from Pakistani Origin. Now, many of these Pakistani Nationalists believe that by closing the boarder with Afghanistan.. the Taliban will be out of Pakistan. Idealists for ya. Pakistan sheltered Osama Bin Laden and didn’t give his location even though they were aware of it…

and had lied about the death of Taliban leaders. This would make one weary as to why they had done so? if they wanted terrorism out of their country.. why shelter them? and lie for them? does not make any sense for a country who wants liberation from terrorism.

Another thing, If there was such an issue on he smuggling of Taliban.. Then why has Tajikistan got no issues with us, Why has Uzbekistan got no issues with Afghans, Or Iran or China? the real question I would like to address – is why have they got no issues with Afghanistan, but every neighbour of Pakistan.. [India, China, Bangladesh].. has an issue with them. Ponder on that thought. All the borders around Pakistan are tall and secure because they do not want terrorism from ISI, but for Afghanistan this seems more complicated. Because our Border has many complications that would erase much of Afghanistan’s history – The Durrand Line was required to be signed every Hundred years.. Afghans do not recognize this boarder, we have not re-signed this border, so Pakistan bombs our villages to pressure us into giving this border.

Once more, in the words of the ISI Hamid Ghool “Kabul must burn! Kabul must burn” how coincidental that Kabul has held the most destruction in Afghanistan due to Taliban. 

Finally – i’d like to address.. Islam.

As a Muslim, I’m placed in a position to either stay silent or to speak out. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan are Muslim countries, and In Islam we are told to love our neighbours – love our brothers – love our sisters. So why is it that Pakistanis have this hidden agenda against us? And instead of helping to fix their mistakes – they add more to it? Why is wealth more important than lives? Why isolate Pushtuns on Pakistani land? Why bomb Afghans? Why shoot us? Why spread so much hatred on Twitter a few days before Ramadan 2016?

So, while I would love to spread love to my fellow Muslims in Pakistan – it’s difficult – as I would not like to stay silent on an issue where Afghans have no voice. I have the opportunity, so I will speak. People in Afghanistan do not. If this ummah followed the rulings of the Prophet (ﷺ) we would be living in solidarity and harmony.

Say [O Muhammad] “To whom belongs the earth and whoever is in it, if you should know?”

They will say, “To Allah .” Say, “Then will you not remember?”

– Quran 23:85


The Fallen Empire

Oh Afghanistan your hands are wrinkling

Your back is hunched and your eyes are glistening

Your feet are sore but you’re still standing

Such a miracle that your heart is pounding

You’ve suffered war and terror

You’ve lived the worse and don’t surrender

Your strength reaches the sky with power

Because you are strong and braver than ever

You were so rich, your youth so pure

How much more terror can we endure?

But you are fighter and you will not give in

Alexander couldn’t defeat you

Nor the British could win

Your children suffer, your parent are gone

But we stand in unity

Because we are all one


We are the Afghan body

We have blood on the streets

And missing seats

At the distarkhon when we go to eat

Our hearts go numb from the pain and loss

remember one thing though

and never forget how

We are the people of the fallen empire

The mountain people

The beautiful souls

The travellers of this world alone

Our cities hold the key to history

Our literature and knowledge will bring you peace

To ignite our love for the land

we breathe.

Fear us deeply for we do not forget

The damages that they have left

Fear our prayers

Fear our soul

Fear our children

And fear us whole.



 “May God keep you away from the venom of the cobra, The teeth of the tiger, And the revenge of the Afghans”

  • Alexander the Great.

History of Afghanistan

The History of Afghanistan is so immense and rich that even the best historian could not comprehend, nor the best writer put in words, nor the best poet give it justice. Afghanistan was very much a part of the Persian empire – and had been a part of the pre-Islamic Khorasan region (name meaning: land where the sun rises) this dates back to 750 CE. The rise of Modern Afghanistan however established itself in 2200 BC. Afghanistan meaning “Land of the Afghans” (also synonymous to “Land of the Pushtuns) earned its name due to our resistance and unity of ethnic groups – given the name ‘graveyard of empires’ we are unconquerable.


329-326BCE Alexander the Great had lead its Macedonian Army to Persia in 330 BCE but faced strong resistance from Afghan Tribal people and wrote a letter to his mother saying “I am involved in the land of a ‘Leonine’ (lion-like) and brave people, where every foot of the ground is like a wall of steel, confronting my soldier. You have brought only one Alexander into the world, but every mother in this land has brought an Alexander in the world.” Earning its right to the name ‘brave’ by one of the biggest conquerors just shows how Afghanistan was the epitome of resistance. Though he captured Afghanistan while in Persia he failed to subdue its people – Alexander’s army was left weak and unstable but had influences enough to create a few monumental places for the Afghan people.

[Citadel of Herat]together herat

1219AD  “Genghis Khan and the great Mughal emperors began passing through the Khyber pass a millennium later and ultimately established the greatest of empires – but only after reaching painful accommodations with the Afghans. It is said that his destruction would leave mountain high piles of skulls of the Afghan people, yet when he realizes that the Afghans re-group no matter what, to fight him back again and again he assembles his troops and leaves to conquer India, fearing a defeat if he stays to fight.  From Michni Point, a trained eye can still see the ruins of the Mughal signal towers used to relay complex torch-light messages 1,500 miles from Calcutta to Bukhara.” (Via Tumblr)

together genghis

If you know the famous Babur, the founder of the Mughal empire that ruled much of the central Asia in the 1500s, he said “Afghanistan has not been and never will be conquered, and will never surrender to anyone.”


In regards to the land of Afghanistan, there are many complications to this. Which hold much problems to this current day. Ahmad Shah Durrani had united Afghanistan and its tribes and expanded the Afghan region – In turn, this sparked the last but modern Durrani Empire 1747 which spread across Afghanistan, and into what’s now known as Pakistan and some areas of Iran and Dehli. The last Afghan Empire decreased as time went on, especially with the involvement of politics and neo-conservative approaches which goes against the traditional Afghan mindset.

durrani empire

The next big occurrence in Afghan history that took place was the involvement of the British – a total of three wars had taken place. The First Anglo-Afghan war (1839–1842) which resulted in the British army being destroyed – this war had taken place near the region of Herat. Brutal attacks taken place but none the less – Afghans stayed by each other and were united enough to not allow foreigners destroy it. The Second Anglo-Afghan war (1878–1880) also overthrew and declined foreign involvement from the British into Kabul. Which also brought Abdul Rahman Khan into power. During his reign, the British White man from the British Raj empire had made him sign a document in another language regarding the Durrand Line which would inevitably cut Afghanistan into two to offer it to India. The Third Anglo-Afghan war was in 1919 with the British Raj after the rebellion of giving land away that was not known about.

together afg anglo


together ]

Afghanistan has proved itself time and time again that it is unconquerable; From the Soviet and British reign, from Alexander the Great, Mughal Empire. Afghanistan is a graveyard of empires, none can defeat or subdue the people of Afghanistan.

“The geography is very hard: It is a country of mountains and deserts, of quite severe winters and that makes it difficult not only to fight in, but also to operate logistically. It limits your mobility and it is difficult to project power.

Afghanistan is a mountainous country with a very complex tribal system and a variety of ethnicities – and therefore a very complex country to try to manage. which contributes to its reputation as graveyard of empires” -Patrick Porter

together soviet

In modern times, war tactics are concealed by different forms – This can be seen by the most recent ‘invasion’ of Afghanistan by America and Pakistan together as well as some Saudi influences involving the destruction of Afghanistan through neo-tactics. Russia is above us as is the Soviet Union in Central Asia [Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan]  so it would make sense that the Soviets had wanted to bring Afghanistan part of them. The reason behind why Afghanistan did not become part of this Union was due to the Islamic Mujahideen that was created and funded by America and Pakistani ISI (Operation Cyclone 1979-1989) This meant, Islamic extremists were trained and sent into Afghanistan to fight off the Soviets – the reasoning behind why this happened can been interpreted in many ways. Perhaps America did not want Russia to expand, perhaps America wanted to build facilities around Iran, Perhaps the advantages in Afghanistan was valued by Americans like Opium, minerals, etc. Or the location of Afghanistan is strategic that you can access South Asia, Middle East, Central Asia etc. thanks to the silk route used by tradesmen etc. The possibilities are endless, and we all know America is deceiving and never straight forward in explanations. This war held on Afghan soil (Afghan-Soviet) in 1979-1989 led to the deaths of 850,000 – 1,000,000 Afghan civilians and hundreds of thousands of Afghans became displaced on their own land – some fleeing to neighbouring countries (Pakistan and Iran etc) this horrendous war took 9 years and was one of the most brutal wars.

It’s noted by many Afghans believe that it would have been better to be a part of the Soviet Union as opposed to being under the rule of Taliban. Afghans are known to be hard to subdue – it’s been shown by history – so it is obvious we would not accept as simply as that. The image above shows the conflicting position Afghanistan was in as both the British were in Pakistan/India trying to take over while the Russians Soviet Union was formed above in Central Asia – leaving Afghanistan in the middle of a vicious power battle.

before and afterbefore and afterrrbefore n after

The Taliban has been the most destructive war that Afghanistan has encountered, with Millions of Afghans dying since the start of my post till this moment – terrorism had risen at this time as a form of neocolonialist tactic which allowed foreign hands interfering to bring destruction without having to bear the burden of blame. A man made creation built on hatred and envy. Afghanistan was on the verge of modernity and had big and bright plans for the future of the country – such a beautiful land turned into a land of the forgotten – only remembered through memories we tell our children. The Taliban has forced many Afghans to flee their homes and seek refuge somewhere other than their homeland. A neo-colonial tactic made by America and Pakistan that has backfired on them, but the most damaged by this decision.. is the Afghans themselves. A country with CENTURIES OF HISTORY – made in 2200 BC [if not further] only to reach 1994 and have the Taliban ruin our beloved homes and villages.

kabul uni ni

What once was a nation where Afghans could go to University and attend school without worry or terror. Where children had birds flying overhead and not bombs. When the flowers bloomed high and mighty and the Land of the Afghans had buildings not rubble.

together good and bad

When music was such a beautiful melody, in 1960’s the radio’s would be full of soft and powerful ballads and pop songs – now the Taliban had destroyed music and destroyed instruments and destroyed radio’s. Taken into a state of distopia while we were on the verge of modernity, dragged back in time while others moved forwards – while we – the civilians watch in agony at other countries hoping for escape. Our Afghan ancestors had fought so much for our country to be the best for its generations – please do not tell me that the Taliban is a product of Afghan’s – we did not ask to be bombed and killed and ostracized. Warrior blood runs deep in Afghans, our lion hearts will never be broken – our children have hope in their eyes and life in their souls – One day we will return to the Afghanistan we once knew.